Chosun Welding

CHOSUN is a Korean company with strong links to KOBELCO STEEL (KOBE STEEL) of Japan, including technological alliances for the manufacture of welding wires and covered electrodes. CHOSUN began manufacture of electrodes in 1963 and upgraded to their first mechanized, continuous automated facility for covered electrodes with the assistance of KOBE STEEL in 1975 and have developed a number of modern manufacturing plants and their own R & D facility since. All CHOSUN filler metals are manufactured to meet Japanese JIS standards and European ISO standards.

CHOSUN produces over 150 different welding filler products and are probably best known in New Zealand for their CSF-71T and 71U range of flux cored wires and range of covered welding electrodes. Quality and reliability of product is very high, at a pricepoint which provides exceptional value for money.

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