About Us

Bunyan Shop - An exclusive online marketplace founded to list for resellers to cater building materials, power tools equipment, hand tools, welding machines, industrial safety, Sanitaryware, water pumps, compressor and more of this line items to the customer.

On this online platform Bunyan shop serves as a versatile marketplace to meet a huge volume of customers with advanced digital marketing features and integrations. With the greater means of expertise and highly flexible attributes to adopt a modern business environment, Bunyan Shop also provides excellent online experience to retailers and overwhelmed customer experience with low priced and quality products to customers.

Designed as a distinguished place where the businesses of these categories across the Kuwait, get support to meet their customer with the best of deals. With greater focus and ostentatious features, this platform provides the sellers large splendid customer experience with modern marketing means and facilities.

Sell with Bunyan Shop is the unique opportunity given to every retailer who seeks to set up an online commerce platform. With modern business and marketing strategies adopted within this largest marketplace, retailer get an extraordinary commercial reach out to each and every potentioal customer without any physical barriers.


Glimpse to past

Over the years, every industry relying on building materials, power and hand tools, and etc has been stressing out on multiple matters that have diminished the quality as well as the number of business functions. With the continuous experience of productivity graph declines due to these reasons of non-availability of products, delayed response, price gouging, etc., and unorganised market, Mr. Yousef Alattar - The founder of Bunyan Shop, had come up with a unique plan that could meet the demands of the market and to exclude on these negative factors.

With the repeated experience and difficulties in attaining timely response on service inquiries and order processing of building materials, power and hand tools and etc he urged for an exemplary platform that could cover every need on all kinds of tools and products. His greater visionary and years of global market experience have fueled the plan to assemble multiple retailers under an exclusive e-commerce platform.



Bunyan Shop has built a strong foundation with values and policies that could determine our success. 

  • Integrity

We build trust, relationship, and dedication among one each other in relation with the business. We believe in dignity and respect that has to be transferred between the business relationship. Hence Honesty, ethical behavior, and integrity take place among fundamental characteristics of our business conduct.

  • Transparency

We aim to maintain relationships of transparency not only within our team but also with our customers and retailers. We believe in the values and advantages brought by a transparent business relationship and try to incorporate this principle in our daily routines.

  •  Teamwork

We believe in the strength of teamwork and act the same. Our team always work integrated to realize the objectives at best. Being committed to each other and bound by trust and loyalty

  • Performance excellence

Our beliefs and behaviors are embedded in the skills to showcase performance excellence. We always function responsible and seek extraordinary commitments to meet or exceed expectations from our beloved employees, partners, customers, and to all well-wishers



" To be a unique online platform for bringing building material products at a revoluntionary rate to its buyers, by collaborating retailers and customer over a platform "


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