Building works

Implementation of all works of white and black brick buildings for all that have been agreed upon in the plans

Service Picture of Building services
Service Picture of Soil investigation services
Warba Engineering Consultants | Examine the soil of the site at a depth of not less than 6 m in the middle of the plot.
Service Picture of Structural design services
Warba Engineering Consultants | Preparing construction plans with safe construction systems and the lowest possible cost.
Service Picture of Licensing facilitation services
Warba Engineering Consultants | A - License to approve the conduction of electricity (Ministry of Electricity and Water) B - Health Connection License (Ministry of Public Works) C - Building permit (Kuwait Municipality)
Service Picture of Bill of quantities calculation services
Warba Engineering Consultants | Table of quantities for civil works: (concrete - reinforcing steel - bricks). Electricity table.
Service Picture of Periodic supervision services
Warba Engineering Consultants | Checking and receiving the pig and the limits and levels of excavation - Checking and receiving construction axes - Examining and checking the metal and wooden strength Checking and receiving the reinforcing steel before pouring the concrete - Inspection of structural elements after casting.
Service Picture of Comprehensive supervision services
Warba Engineering Consultants | All periodic supervision work Supervising the examination of concrete before and during casting - Checking and receiving the concrete works after loosening the tension. - Checking and receiving moisture, heat and sound insulation works. - Auditing and receiving the constitution and works of the buildings Checking and receiving electrical installations with concrete elements Checking and receiving sewage and rain extensions. - Checking and receiving the exits and paths of the air-conditioning openings with the structural elements.
Service Picture of Project management services
Warba Engineering Consultants | All oversight work on the project. - Managing the work of contractors at the site and following up on coordination between them. Preparing work quantities schedules. Contractors contract. The main program of the project and the financial budget.
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